Privacy & De-Identified Data

Billions of data points are collected data across government, commercial, educational, research and tech platforms being captured for various means of utilization. There is a literal “Gold Rush” to figure out how to standardize for utilization for hundreds of applications. Some have a great purpose, some not so great but in any case, it is real and not going away any time soon. many believe that the de-identified data should be available to all for FREE and the polar opposite believe that it’s your personal data and you should be able to monetize it as you see fit or lock it away! These all have valid cases, and we are going to report on the top 10:

Top 10 Privacy and Data Utilizations and Monetization movements

#1: Health Care Data for healthcare research

Billions of dollars are spent doing clinical trials to collect enough data for research and development companies to approve the hundreds of billions needed to be spent to greenlight a project or drug. The case could be made that the past data collected could be used to both shorten clinical trials and to save millions in the process allowing for life-saving drugs to make it to market to save millions. The other side is that information could be identifiable and be a breach of personal health laws and privacy.

#2: Open Data for Insurance:

#3: Open Data for Safety

#4: Open Data for Economic Gain

#5: Open Data and time sensitivity

#6: Open Data Outcomes for prediction of National Weather Indications -vs- health outcomes

#7: Exchange for Personal Monetization

#8: Governmental Data Fill-in for military use

#9: Marketing/Advertising

#10: Commercial Profit or the sale of collected data for profits gain.