Youtube Health Information You Can Trust

When it comes to medical information, you can essentially Google anything and find answers you are looking for. However, that doesn’t mean the information is correct or unbiased. When it comes to your health, you need answers you can trust.

Youtube has a wide variety of information when it comes to health. However, our partners at Clear Bridge BioMEDICS publish short, informative videos about your health that are easy to understand and give the answers and insight you’re looking for.

Clear Bridge BioMEDICS is a website that focuses on lab results and testing to help diagnose disease and begin immediate preventative measures. Dr. Danielle Kelvas is an amazing resource. View her videos online on Clear Bridge BioMEDICS’s Youtube Channel to find out more about topics such as diabetes, Parkinson’s, cancer, and more.

Here are some direct links to some videos to help get you started!

Diets for Cardiac Health

How to Prevent Genetic Cancer

Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

Your health journey begins now. Be sure to bookmark our site for more health information!